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DISCLAIMER: We include all people who have periods (not all women have periods and not all who have periods are women). We want to celebrate the human body and we know that each single body is unique in their own ways and they work differently.


This project consists of the four menstrual phases, I stumbled across an article that describes the menstrual cycle as the four seasons and I liked the idea of it. It gave me the inspiration to make an art project about it and since I am an artist I was really eager to work out a concept. Early on it was really important to us that every single detail has to have a meaning and a place in the art pieces. Jessi suggested using the pine tree because they are cultural symbols all around the world! Going back centuries, these special trees have a role in numerous cultures and folklore tales. For Native Americans, they represent wisdom and longevity. To other cultures, they represent fertility and life. It was my idea to include peonies though, they symbolise prosperity, good luck, love and honour.

The menstrual cycle is still something that we as a society don’t talk enough about. I feel like a lot of people see it as something rather shameful than natural. I challenge you all to listen to your cycle more and ask yourself: What is it telling you?



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