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Joy Misu (she/her) is a young, emerging artist based in Vienna, Austria, while being born in Germany, she also has Vietnamese roots.

She is known for her unique technique of combining mostly ink in layers of lines and has found her style to be very bold and modern. Showing depth and highlights, with only black and white ink, but seemingly creating many layers, her artwork is unique in the best ways possible. In the previous years she has shown her work all over the world and now wants to conquer the digital world as well.

She says that „her body is her home“ and she wants to share that feeling with everyone, no matter their size, roots or race. She wants to show the issues that especially (young) women endure every single day all over the world and talk about the structures society has put on them. She is an advocate of the body acceptance movement and wants everyone to treat their body with a healthy mindset.

"My intention as an artist is that I want to empower (young) individuals to love their body as it is, with all the flaws, scars and stretch marks. Most importantly that a body isn’t something sexual and that it shouldn’t be as sexualized as it is by society. Skin isn’t something that should be covered up, because it could trigger some sexual feelings. A body is something beautiful and natural that should be embraced and celebrated as it is. I want people to talk more about the (female) body and how it works and functions, because there is still a lack of education all over the world."

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